Know resources (and risks) to download the APK

WhatsApp Aero is a MOD, or a modified version of the original software (the WhatsApp we all know) that requires the use of an unofficial APK file to work. It was created by a developer from Turkey with the intention of attracting WhatsApp users who are looking for additional functions, such as interface customization.


In January 2019, WhatsApp officially became the most used application worldwide, reaching billions of users. Due to its success and the power of reach, many alternative programs began to emerge and be downloaded, such as WhatsApp Aero, WhatsApp GB, WhatsApp Plus, among others. Despite the appeal, clone applications pose a risk to users and can even cause permanent removal of the original WhatsApp account.

WhatsApp Aero: what is it?

WhatsApp Aero is a messenger that uses, without permission, the WhatsApp source code. He was also inspired by the WhatsApp Fouad Mods. The application only works on phones with the Android system of version 4.0. Its great differential is in the possibility of personalizing the WhatsApp visual with different themes and colors.


Among the additional features that WhatsApp Aero offers:


  • Several interface options that even differ quite a bit from the original WhatsApp. It is possible to customize the appearance of the messenger according to the user’s personal taste;
  • Identification of who visited the user’s profile;
  • No message received can be deleted by the sender;
  • Integration of all emojis, such as Facebook and WhatsApp, in addition to the creation of new ones;
  • Font customization;
  • It is possible to hide images, videos and GIFs received by the messenger from the cell phone gallery. The user can configure so that all media are only seen in WhatsApp Aero;
  • Greater flexibility in sending files, including formats that the original WhatsApp does not support, such as PDF.

How does it work?

As WhatsApp Aero cannot be found in the official Google app store, it will be necessary to download, through files, an unofficial APK, which is offered on some websites. In addition, in the mobile phone, in Settings> Applications, it is necessary to authorize the use of «unknown sources», which are precisely the programs that are not available on Google Play. All smartphones with the Android system come with this permission disabled by default, as a security measure. The release exposes the software to risks of invasion by malicious programs.


Once WhatsApp Aero is downloaded to the mobile, it immediately accesses the contact list of the device and the user can already exchange messages, in the same way as in the original WhatsApp. It is not necessary for recipients to have the «clone» version installed on the phone to receive any content sent.

What is the difference between him and GB WhatsApp?

The WhatsApp GB is also an alternative version of WhatsApp, which works in the same way as the WhatsApp Aero, including numerous additional functions. But the big differential of Aero with respect to GB is the customization of the interface, which is much more flexible. With WhatsApp Aero it is possible to customize, in innumerable ways, images, texts, backgrounds and even emojis.

What are the risks?

WhatsApp Aero uses, without authorization, the open source WhatsApp, so it is not available on Google Play. Therefore, it is necessary to download an unofficial APK for the application to work. With that, Google does not have how to monitor whether the application is safe or not.


When downloading an unofficial APK, the user must be aware that information and personal data may be being collected and even shared by third parties, in addition to increasing the risk of installing some type of virus.

Ban on WhatsApp

Although the WhatsApp Aero developer ensures that there is no danger that the user will be expelled from the original application, WhatsApp warns that it can prohibit any user who does not respect their terms of service. The use of unofficial APK violates the guidelines of the original version and is expressly prohibited.


In an official statement, the social network said that «it does not authorize third-party applications», as it cannot guarantee privacy and data protection measures. Even recently, WhatsApp has reinforced the fact that they would block all accounts linked to alternative applications such as GB WhatsApp. First, the punishment is temporary, lasting 72 hours, which allows the user to uninstall the clone program and return to the original version. After that period, if the account remains linked to unofficial APK applications, the permanent expulsion of WhatsApp may occur.


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