The smart OLED TVs are among the most sought – after market due to the screen that promises much higher contrast levels, and color quality and technology Imagem do not appear in the LED televisions. Complex and expensive manufacturing, OLED screens do not appear on the simplest TVs and help explain why only LG, Panasonic and Sony are betting on technology in Latin America.


Next, you will know part of the catalog of smart TVs with OLED screen for sale in Latin America and understand what differentiates the models of each manufacturer. Remember that Samsung bets on QLED TVs, using quantum dot technology.


It is important to remember that the values ​​are subject to change, since they refer to the lower prices found by the comparator until the date of publication of the article.

1. LG W8

Available in just 65 inches, the W8 is LG’s top OLED TV right now . The 4K display accompanies a modern and attractive design that draws attention by the 2.6 mm thickness and a curious proposal that separates the screen from the sound: the audio system of the TV is not part of the same set of the display and needs to be installed separately, similar to a Soundbar.


LG W8 is one of the few televisions on the market that supports all available HDR standards, including Dolby Vision. Filming the webOS 4.0, the TV also offers a 120 Hz native screen and a Dolby Atmos sound system of cinematic quality, distributed in 4.2-channel audio. The impeccable data sheet justifies the price of US $ 10 thousand.

2. LG C8

An essential difference between the C8 and W8 line is the ability to buy a smaller, 55-inch model, beyond the 65 ″ screen. In addition, the model has a more traditional design, without the sound outside the TV, as in the W8. According to various tests, the audio is weak, especially when compared to the high image quality provided by the OLED screen.


The LG C8 is a TV with webOS 4.0 and compatible with ThinQ artificial intelligence. The 4K screen supports the various HDR formats on the market, including Dolby Vision, and has an update at 120 Hz. Regarding sound, there are 2.2 audio channels with the right to integrated woofer, 40-watt power and Dolby Atmos technology. The 55 »version of C8 is priced at US $ 2200.

3. LG B8

Also available in 55 ″ and 65 inches, the B8 line does not differ much from what the consumer already finds in the C8 models. The 4K screen has the same support for various HDR technologies, the update rate is 120 Hz and the panel also uses OLED technology on the screen.


The B8 smart TV rolls on the webOS 4.0 and allows the user to interact with the TV through voice commands, thanks to ThinQ. The sound system, however, loses the woofer reinforcement and falls to two channels with a lower power of 20 watts. LG B8 has prices starting at US $ 1900.

4. LG B7

Although line B7 precedes B8, the models have no significant differences. With the exception of the design, the data sheet of both has a series of equivalent specifications, such as 4K OLED display, with support for various formats of HDR and Dolby Atmos sound. In the audio specifications, the B7 line is even higher, with 2.2 channels, woofer and 40 watts RMS power. In addition to the difference in design, the older model brings the webOS 3.5 system, instead of 4.0. Currently, B7 has prices starting at US $ 1850.

5. LG E7

Available in 65-inch version, the E7 has a 4K OLED display and a 120 Hz update. As with the other models, LG television stands out for its support for the various HDR formats in the market. As for the operating system, the E7 leaves the factory with webOS 3.5. Its audio system has a power of 60 watts and 4.2 channels, including Dolby Atmos. The smart TV comes out at US $ 5000.

6. LG B6

Available only in 55 inches, the LG B6 belongs to an older series of LG products. Despite this, the specifications of the television should not compromise the experience, since the 4K display is compatible with HDR and Dolby Vision, and offers an update rate of 120 Hz. By rolling factory webOS 3.0, the B6 works with commands of voice and uses a sound system with the Harman / Kardon signature of 40 watts of power. Older, television can be hard to find in electronic commerce.

7. LG E6

The LG E6 also resembles other LG models with OLED display technology. Even as part of an older cycle of products, such as the webOS 3.0 system, the 65-inch device does not make technical resources ugly. The 4K screen supports the HDR and Dolby standards and has the same refresh rate of 120 Hz. With respect to sound, the E6 uses a 40-watt power system signed by Harman / Kardon. The model is also harder to find online.

8. Panasonic FZ950

Panasonic also bets on OLED technology for its televisions in Latin America. The FZ950 has a 55-inch screen and offers HDR10, leaving aside the other standards supported by LG in its models. In addition to the lack of Dolby Vision, the weak point of the model is in the simplest operating system and far from the webOS user experience. Without voice control support, the TV has a sound of 2.2 channels and 40 watts of power. The device can be found with prices starting at US $ 2700

9. Panasonic FZ1000

Available in 65-inch version, the FZ1000 has a design similar to the LG W8. The sound system is separated from the television and promises good audio quality due to the generous specifications: they are 2.2 channels and 80 watts of RMS power in the system. Regarding video, the monitor is 4K resolution OLED and supports HDR technologies, with the exception of Dolby Vision. Its operating system is myHome Screen 3.0, also found on the FZ950. The FZ1000 costs US $ 6500.

10. Sony A8F

The Sony A8F is coming with the Android TV system, as well as the most expensive models of the manufacturer. The television also offers a series of Sony’s own image features, in addition to support for HDR10 and HLG. Dolby Atmos stays out and continues as an exclusivity of LG in the market.


With 5.1-channel sound, the television adds 50 watts RMS power and must deliver quality audio thanks to the integrated subwoofer. In addition, Sony A8F brings 16 GB of internal storage and access to the Play Store, being an interesting option for those who want to access the Google system without a dedicated media center. The model costs from US $ 2600 in the 55 ″ version, and shoots at US $ 4800 in the 65-inch variant.


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