Spotify offers several features for users, such as the artist show calendar, playlists and the timer , but some functions are still missing on the music streaming platform. Plugins and add-ons are able to add additional services to the site , such as how to find out the setlist of a singer’s presentation or find out the audience data of your account, without waiting for the end of the year to access the Spotify Wrapped .


Learn in the following list five plugin options to improve your Spotify and compensate for resources that do not yet exist on the platform.

1. Spotify Statistics ( )

The Spotify Statistics site shows users which songs and artists are most heard by the account, according to certain periods of months or even the entire period of user activity. The data is available after logging into the streaming service. For that, it is necessary to authorize the access of Spotify Statistics to the Spotify account, which can be done through login to Facebook or when you register on the site

2. Festify (

Festify is a free application that offers the guests of a party the possibility to choose which music will be played on the day of the event through a list created in Spotify. It’s easy to use. You just have to enter the site, authorize access to your Spotify account and create a «party». The chosen guests receive an access code and, from it, they can indicate what they prefer to hear. All voting is done exclusively by cell phone.

3. Festif (

There is another application for Spotify that is also called Festify, but its function is very different from the one that sets up party playlists. This application analyzes your history of songs heard on Spotify and creates a personalized poster of a fictional music festival, in the style of Coachella, Rock in Rio or Lollapalooza. The idea is to show how the dream event would be based on the musical taste of each user.

4. Setify (

If you are preparing to go to a music show, Setify is a site that helps you get into the weather of the event. The platform transforms the lists of previous events into playlists in Spotify, using the page information as a basis. Its operation is very simple: just access Setify, write the name of the band or artist you will see, and authorize the connection with Spotify. The created playlist is available in the profile and can be edited later by the user.

5. Fresh Faces (

Fresh Faces is indicated for those who want to discover what’s new in Spotify. The site has a search engine that only searches for artists whose first album has been available on the music platform for less than two weeks. After the search, the site shows a grid with the cover of the new albums found. By clicking on each icon, you can listen to 30 seconds of music. If you like and want to hear everything, just click on the arrow that appears in the upper corner of each photo to be immediately directed to Spotify.


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