As the new year approaches, many of us find ourselves in a reflective mood. And that’s exactly how JotForm founder Aytekin Tank felt when 2017 was coming to an end.

While walking along the Embarcadero, one of the liveliest and most picturesque areas of San Francisco, looking back on the year, was a little off the beaten path. Meditative. Introspective. Contemplative.

He had many things to celebrate: JotForm had grown to a team of more than 130 people worldwide. It is also worth noting that all this happened without taking a dollar in external funds, a not-so-common story in Silicon Valley.

But despite all the good news, there was something that didn’t sit well with him.

«Our competitors were very noisy on the Internet and their user numbers were not even close to ours,» he explained. «They were announcing one round of investment after another, ending at the top of TechCrunch, and we were simply in our business.»

During these moments of reflection, Aytekin realized that, like his competitors, he also had a story to tell.

Building a brand through stories.

Aytekin’s first task was simple:

Write stories to share the JotForm trip. With autonomous teams around him, he was able to devote his time to the tasks he felt would impact the business the most, so having all the content was an easy decision for him.

Your first post, How NOT to follow my dreams, allowed him to create a startup with 3.2 million users, was published in a popular Media Publication, El Inicio, and reached more than 50,000 page views almost overnight.

Your second post – Free time or the top of TechCrunch? – It was equally successful.

«I published these stories on December 18 and 26, respectively,» he explained. “Given their traction and how they resonated with a large audience, I decided. I was going to take writing seriously in 2018. »

Aytekin had found his niche. His authentic and honest stories resonated among startup enthusiasts and he decided to write at least two publications per week throughout 2018 to share his journey as founder and CEO of JotForm.

Embracing Twitter: a $ 24,098 Twitter ad experiment

After his initial success in Medium, Aytekin was willing to share JotForm’s story on multiple channels to reach new audiences. In July 2018, he decided to experiment with Twitter. Specifically, I was curious.

If Twitter could be a great platform to reuse content. How Twitter ads could help you amplify your content. After all, Twitter and blogs are not really very different.

«Apart from its character limit, Twitter is no different when it comes to sharing your authentic voice,» he explained. «It is a blog in 280 characters». .


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