The JBL Partybox 300 is a wireless speaker that promises high-power party sound. The device has long battery life, bass boost and various types of inputs to connect microphone, guitar, cell phones, tablets and flash drive . The price on the official site of the manufacturer is US $ 960, but the device can already be found from US $ 830 in online stores.


Next, you know in detail the technical specifications of the speaker, which arrived in Latin America in December 2018, along with the Partybox 200. It is noteworthy that some data, such as RMS power, have been omitted by the manufacturer itself.

Data sheet

Frequency response: 45Hz – 18kHz. Bass booster: Yes. Bluetooth : 4.2. USB inputs: Yes. Microphone inputs : Yes. Battery life: up to 18 hours. Recharge time : 5 hours. Dimensions : 69 x 31 x 32 cm. Weight : 15.84 Kg. Price : US $ 960.


The JBL Partybox 300 is a portable speaker, but it has advanced dimensions to provide more powerful sound. The device, which is available only in black, is 69 cm high, 31 cm wide, 32 cm deep and weighs 15.84 kg. The device comes with a LED light system that wraps the two front speakers, creating a color effect that changes according to the default schedule. In addition, it comes with a handle for transport and different types of audio connections on the back. The volume, power and Bluetooth buttons are located at the top.


One of the features of JBL Partybox 300 is the Bluetooth connection, which allows you to synchronize any cell phone and tablet to organize a party playlist . Another possibility is to connect a pendrive through a USB port. The sound box comes with inputs for guitar and microphone, in addition to working as a charger for mobile phones and other portable devices.

Sound quality

Created for party use, Partybox 300 delivers a frequency response of 45 Hz – 18 kHz, which should be sufficient for a powerful sound experience. The JBL does not report the RMS power of the device, but promises bass reinforcement, which tends to improve vibration in that band, without causing distortions in higher volumes. The speaker configuration consists of two 6.5 woofers and three 2.5 tweeters.


According to the manufacturer, the Partybox 300 has an internal lithium-ion battery with 74.88 Wh, a value sufficient for up to 18 hours of playback. A full recharge takes five hours.

Price and guarantee

The Partybox 300 is for sale in Latin America for the price of US $ 960, on the official JBL website. In online stores, however, the product can already be found starting at US $ 830. The manufacturer offers a 12 month warranty.


One of the main competitors of JBL Partybox 300 is the Philco PHT5000, which has the same «tower» format and similar size. The model also brings bass reinforcement, but with the differential of having FM radio. In the same way, it also has a microphone input, LED lights and USB input, but the price is much lower: from US $ 160 in online stores.


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