How companies like Bored Panda, REI and Vox are increasing their organic reach in social networks.

In 2013, a Facebook page could easily reach 12 percent of its fans with each post. Only one year later, in 2014, it would reach only six percent of its fans.

Today, in 2018, that number is very likely to be less than six percent. That means that for every 100 fans of a page, an organic publication will reach, on average, only five or less people.

Is it the end of the organic reach in social networks?

I do not think so. Yes, the organic reach in social networks has been declining over the years. But we have seen businesses that have increased their organic reach in social networks in recent years.

How to get organic reach in social networks. .

  1. Understand and keep up with social media algorithms.

The organic reach of social networks depends a lot on the algorithms of social networks. The algorithm determines what each user sees in their timeline. And that is why it is key to understand how algorithms work.

The algorithm is constantly changing, always improving to make sure users see what they want to see the most. For example, only in the first half of 2018, Facebook reported five major changes in the news service (and there are probably many smaller adjustments that were not reported).

So how does each of the social media algorithms work?

Facebook Algorithm

The Facebook algorithm consists of four key components that organize the content that people see in their news: inventory, signals, predictions and relevance score.

Advertisers and brands are the signals we can focus on to increase our organic reach. The more active interactions, such as actions, comments and reactions, a publication has, the more people will see the publication.

Facebook algorithm factors

By posting content that connects to your target audience or that naturally creates meaningful interactions (for example, Facebook Live) or by creating a niche community through a Facebook Group, you are likely to gain greater organic reach.

Instagram algorithm

Instagram recently revealed the three main factors that determine the posts a user sees in their Instagram feed:

1-Interest: posts in which Instagram thinks you will be interested will appear higher in your feed.

2-Punctuality: recent posts will tend to appear higher in your feed than previous posts.

3-Relationship: the publications of accounts with which you have interacted regularly will also tend to appear higher in your feed.

I think it is not the end of the organic reach of social networks. Many brands and organizations, such as publishers, are watching closely the changes in the main social media platforms. Their successes are a stimulus that we can do the same if we pay attention to the changes and constantly try new ideas.


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