5 Proven and true LinkedIn tips to increase the number of followers of your company 600% faster.

While most of the focus in recent years on social networks has been on Facebook and Instagram, LinkedIn has constantly increased its user base to more than 500 million users.

And we have seen firsthand that companies are working hard to refine their LinkedIn marketing strategy so they can access the world’s largest professional network.

CEO Jeff Weiner plans to «develop the world’s first economic graph» with the hope of «digitally charting the global economy.» A goal not far from achieving how LinkedIn has an in-depth data set of the company, industry and individual contact information. For more than 500 million members.

In the long term, LinkedIn marketing will be a game changer for businesses and brands in the B2B space. Here are tips to put your business at the forefront of this trend. .

  1. Complete your LinkedIn company profile (completely)

Did you know that company pages with full profiles receive up to 2 times more visitors than those with incomplete page profiles?

Make sure your page has the following seven elements completely filled:

– Logo

– Company’s description

– Website URL

– Size of the company

– industry

– Type of company

– Location

To completely complete your profile, go to your company’s LinkedIn page and select “General information”.

Having a complete company profile (website URL, company size, industry, type and location) are important components to help make your business page look more legitimate and professional.

Legitimacy and professionalism are fundamental to the image of the brand, and provide visitors with all the information they need to connect with their company when they are ready.

  1. Create a consistent publication calendar

According to LinkedIn, it has been shown that companies that publish at least once a month gain followers 6 times faster than those that do not.

In addition, company pages with at least 150 followers generally get 5 times more visits to the company page than those with fewer followers!

You should try to publish at least once a week on your company’s page to keep your followers engaged (Minimum twice a week). To help you consistently publish on your company page, set up a publication calendar so you can easily schedule publications for your page.

It is also advisable to encourage all of our employees to add the LinkedIn button to their email signatures and often link to the Company Page in blog posts. Add social media buttons or a LinkedIn «Follow» button to your website.


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